..::: ZOHREH JOOYA :::.. ensemble

Zohreh Jooya’s music builds bridges between the cultures of Iran, Afghanistan and the Western world.





The Ensemble Afghan

Afghanistan is a maltreated country having passed more than 30-year war. Because of the strong presence of negative news in the media we have no idea about the bright sides of this old cultural country. The (Ensemble Afghan) has set the task to show this other Afghanistan the Afghanistan of an infinitely rich cultural heritage, of a musical tradition among the most refined in Asia.



The Ensemble Golestan

The “Golestan Ensemble” was founded in 2006 by the Persian, Afghan singer Zohreh Jooya, and the Persian composer and musician Athar Torabi. The name “Golestan” literally translates flower garden, but the mystical meaning is paradise. The aim of this group is to interpret ancient mystical Persian poetry of Molana Rumi, Hafez and .... more


The Crossroads project

Zohreh Jooya's new Crossroads project brings musical traditions together which at first glance seem vastly different in a startling organic way. New York and Kabul are 7000 miles apart but become neighbors in the fascinating world of .... more