The “Golestan Ensemble” was founded in 2006 by Zohreh Jooya, and the Persian composer and musician Athar Torabi. The name “Golestan” literally translates flower garden, but the mystical meaning is paradise. The aim of this group is to interpret ancient mystical Persian poetry of Molana Rumi, Hafez and Za’adi in classical music. A big but not the only part of the repertoire is the compositions which the composer and virtuoso on the Persian tar Master Majid Derakhshani recorded with Zohreh Jooya in 2004 titled “Music of the Persian Mystics”. This group pursues Zohreh Jooya’s idea to join artists and instruments of different cultures into a homogenous entity -in a mystical sense “Where ever we come from we are all part of one entity“.
Under the artistic guidance of Athar Thorabi